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Vanessa Calvert & Chelsea Moss

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Tactile Objects for a Non-Tactile Time Artists Vanessa Calvert and Chelsea Moss both work in small-scale sculpture that invites the viewer to imagine the tactile sensation of their objects through visual enjoyment. Both artists will be in attendance for the parking-lot opening on 10/10/20. Vanessa Calver Vanessa Calvert is a mixed media artist often using …

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Jeff Sheridan

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

In ‘The Desert Is Coming”, Jeff Sheridan addresses the compounding crises endangering the status quo of an eternally shifting cosmos. As calming as it is foreboding, this new body of work is the result of a year and future of uncertainty. A sunset on an abstract landscape.

Alyson Provax

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Provax’s work will be displayed loose with gloves printed by the artist to use for handling and given to the viewers as a gift to commemorate the visit.

Paul Paiement

Virtual Event

The exhibition will include 13 of the Paiement's watercolor ink paintings he executed in the late 1990's. The paintings address our Western cultures' notions of beauty rooted in bilateral symmetry.

Avantika Bawa

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Born of pandemic challenges and creative necessity, Avantika Bawa and AGENDA have collaborated to enable this monumental artist to continue working in an imaginative and completely unprecedented way.

Jeannine Shinoda

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

A celebration of the gap between the idea and its manifestation / The emptying of expectation in order to create physical, mental and emotional space / Exploring what it means to bring the external experience of expansiveness inward.

MFA Show: Sam Hicks

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Sam Hicks - Master of Fine Arts, Pacific Northwest College of Art
Sam Hicks’ future-forward work combines digital and textile, reality and fantasy. Portal provides a glimpse into a world of Hicks’ vivid imagination and technical prowess.

Jennifer Celio

The graphics represented here are not merely paintings, they are multi media sculptures as well. Their graphic lines leave the canvas and tear out into space, curl up or wave appealingly and sometimes rejoin the canvas, sometimes remain suspended in space. though appearing delicate, the disjointed parts are actually quite sturdy and hold their carefully considered shapes.

Marisa Green

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Mother Nature is our greatest teacher in her quiet knowing and acceptant embrace. Her lessons are often communicated the most clearly when we lose a loved one. Particularly when the heart is in deep need of repair and we are faced with our own mortality through proximity to death.

Joe Horner

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Outside Dog features minimalist works that explore feral American themes. Along with skateboarding, these objects reference rural values, music, biker, and car cultures.

Gina Han

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Each of these artworks is offered as the beginning of many possible continuums, and the sculptural rearrangements of the participants manifest some of the infinite possible outcomes. Each outcome, in turn, could form the basis for future transformations. By yielding artistic control, I aim to facilitate an opening for unpredictable change and a space where pleasure and even joy can emerge naturally.