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Noah Matteucci

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

random (8) is an installation of woodblock prints combining digital technology with analog printmaking. I write looping algorithms that generate images of noise — randomized pixelated grids. These grids are physically mapped by hand onto a printing matrix using woodblocks, and once set, are inked and printed on paper with a table-top etching press.

Gina Han

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Each of these artworks is offered as the beginning of many possible continuums, and the sculptural rearrangements of the participants manifest some of the infinite possible outcomes. Each outcome, in turn, could form the basis for future transformations. By yielding artistic control, I aim to facilitate an opening for unpredictable change and a space where pleasure and even joy can emerge naturally.

Joe Horner

agenda 4505 SE Belmont, Suite A, Portland

Outside Dog features minimalist works that explore feral American themes. Along with skateboarding, these objects reference rural values, music, biker, and car cultures.