About Agenda

About Agenda

agenda's founder, Jamie Wilson has been actively collecting art since the 1980s. In 2000 she opened her first gallery, Square Blue, in a tiny upstairs off-street location in Newport Beach, CA. The hard-to-find location quickly became a hub for some of the most cutting edge and experimental art going on in Orange County. Many of those then unknown artists went on to major gallery representation and museum collections.

Those early relationships have enabled the newest iteration of Wilson’s art endeavors to include some of the finest emerging and mid-career art available today. agenda’s main focus is educating collectors to become adept at spotting talent and engaging in the conversation that art exists within. You should never feel intimidated by questioning what art really is and agenda is comfortable having that dialogue with you.

Exhibitions at the gallery rotate about every 5 weeks and there are many other events that agenda participates in. Join the mailing list to be kept informed and to become involved.

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Core Values

  • Social Responsibility

    Artists that agenda represents are concerned with social justice and environmental practices. agenda endeavors to donate to noble causes whenever possible.

  • Education

    Knowledge is fundamental to making good buying decisions. agenda is committed to providing enlightening resources to collectors and contributing to the dialogue that art exists within.

  • Value

    agenda does not inflate prices in order to offer a perceived discount. We want art to move into collections to be enjoyed and appreciated. Prices are determined by history and we are always willing to work with collectors by taking payments on artwork.

  • Trajectory

    The development of an artist may mean that they have outgrown our ability to adequately represent them. This is a positive outcome that agenda strives to be a contributor to. agenda is adept at spotting talent early and helping an artist’s portfolio and CV propel them beyond our local reach.

Additional Services

  • Collection consultation
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Installation guidance
  • Curating alternate spaces
  • Art leasing

Jamie Wilson - CV

Gallerist, Curator, Occasional Writer
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